Lets go on an advenutre!

Engagement 14 - Adventure Shoots

Are you going to come with me?

Often referred to as Engagement shoots or pre-wed shoots, come with me on an adventure in North Wales.
i try not to call these shoots engagement shoots or pre-wed shoots. To me, they sound stiff and part of a routine. Lets go with ADVENTURE SHOOT!

These shoots are often booked by couples who feel they may need to get comfortable in-front of the camera before their wedding day, or sometimes couples who just want to me to capture some awesome pictures, in an epic surrounding with no pressure, no guests, no routine and no rules!

North Wales is one of my favourite places ever. Yeah ok i live here but there are so many mountains to ramble in… So many views to get lost in. Whenever i am asked if i can book a couple in for a shoot, my mind immediately goes to North Wales and the mountains.


Do i ever have a plan on an Adventure Shoot? Nope not really! Apart from a time and place where we will meet.

i will always try to shoot in a place where you may not have been before. Sometimes even a place i haven’t been before. That way, reactions and WOW’s come more natural.

My favourite thing about Adventure Shoots is, more often than not, you will arrive feeling a little apprehensive about having your photo taken and what you may look and feel like. Give it 20 minutes and you will be smashing some awesome shots, feeling super confident and comfortable!

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Engagement 13 - Adventure Shoots
Engagement 12 - Adventure Shoots

What if we have rubbish weather or limited daylight?
We go anyway! It’s an ADVENUTRE remember!
Moody skies, EPIC clouds and fading light can make some awesome photographs.
If its cold, we wrap up warm. i would love to go on an adventure in the snow! Will you take me with you?

Let’s be honest, we don’t have to go travelling too far in North Wales to find some epic snowy peaks.


Engagement 16 - Adventure Shoots
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Engagement 17 - Adventure Shoots



If you would like to bring your dog along on your adventure then they are more than welcome. They usually love getting involved and love the bribes of dog treats for sitting still for a photo!

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