Highfield Hall, Northop Hall Wedding Photography

This wedding was special for so many reasons….Not only was it on Valentines Day…Not only were there 2 gorgeous huskies, but Kirsty is a great friend of mine from years back, and Craig more recently. The service was held in Ewloe, where Kirsty and Craig’s two huskies also had their parts to play in making the wedding even more special. We then headed on up to the Highfield Hall Hotel in Northop Hall for the reception.

For February, the weather remained dry all day which mean’t we had plenty of opportunities for pictures at Highfield Hall, where we could make the most of the stunning grounds and spectacular views of North Wales. We even managed to get back outside later on that night for a few creative lighting shots on what was a beautifully clear evening.

Here are a small selection of my favourite pictures from Craig and Kirsty’s special day!

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Highfield Hall Wedding Photography – Northop Hall Wedding Photographer

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