Claire & Ben’s Marquee Wedding – Nercwys

Claire & Ben’s Marquee Wedding – Nercwys

Claire & Ben first found me when I was photographing Claire’s cousins wedding in October 2014 at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel. I had a phone call from Claire shortly afterwards asking if I would be available to photograph her and Ben’s big day! When I met up with them both and they advised me of the plans for their wedding, I couldn’t wait for the date to come around!

The day started at Ben’s parents house in Nercwys where Claire and her bridesmaids were getting ready. After bridal prep, I walked down to the church…..Yes walked! It was literally down the road. I was greeted by Ben who had turned up in style by hiring an Aston Martin for the day for his mode of transport! Claire and her bridesmaids when ready, walked down to the church which was packed to the rafters with family and friends, waiting to share her and Ben’s special day.

Once married, it was on to the wedding reception at a field Ben’s Dad owns called Five Acre. This was not just a marquee placed in the middle of a grassy area though….Ben, his Dad and family had worked tirelessly to make this into an amazing venue for years to come. They had hired a stunning marquee for the day, which sat beautifully on the lawns but they had also purpose built a huge barn and even a toilet block!

Everyone was super relaxed and having an amazing time…What’s not to love! The weather was amazing and everyone was having a great time celebrating with Claire and Ben.

Here are a few favourites from the day.

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